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Who is Hellena?

HELLENA This name comes from the Greek, stands for "bright, shining", in Greek mythology is the god in mortal daughter of Zeus, is a beautiful woman of startling beauty, her beauty ... .... even the enemy soldiers to war do not want to fight.Ancient Greek poet Homer described HELLENA  【white arm】  woman leader in the flash ... ... HELLENA all women dream of a miracle ... ... years of the Trojan War was to a beautiful woman - HELLENA Prince Paris in Troy (PARIS) State visit to Greece, Wang Meiyan fancy Spartan queen HELLENA, and lured her back to Troy. Spartan King MENELAOS invited a large number of troops and horses to Troy to be recovered HELLENA , with the Trojan horse capture the city of Troy, Troy, thereby eliminating the wealthy kingdom regained HELLENA .

HELLENA(海兰娜)此名源于希腊,代表"灿烂的,光亮的”,在希腊神话中是天神宙斯在凡间的女儿,是位倾国倾城的美丽女子,她的美…….让敌国的战士连仗都不想打。古希腊诗人荷马描述HELLENA(海兰娜)【白皙的手臂】、【女人中闪光的佼佼者】……HELLENA是所有女人梦想中的奇迹…… 十年特洛伊战争是为了一个美女——HELLENA(海兰娜)。 特洛伊王子帕利斯(PARIS)出访希腊看中斯巴达国王美艳的王后HELLENA(海兰娜),并把她引诱回特洛伊。斯巴达国王MENELAOS邀集了大批兵马到特洛伊要追还HELLENA(海兰娜),用木马计攻下了特洛伊城,从而消灭了富庶的特洛伊王国,夺回了HELLENA(海兰娜)。 

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